UQ Malaysian Students’ Association celebrates 15 years of supporting students

UQ Malaysian Students’ Association (UQMSA) is preparing to celebrate 15 years of service in Brisbane. As its Diamond Sponsor for 2018, Student One helps the organisation support over 550 members.


UQMSA helps Malaysian students coming to Brisbane and when they arrive in the city. Common services that the group provides include accommodation support before the students arrive in Brisbane, explaining the costs and expenses students will incur during their time in Brisbane, and other important information including how to use transport when students arrive.

The President of UQMSA Xinyu (pictured above, left) said that a key difference between Malaysia and Australia is that in Brisbane, students are required to inspect accommodation before they sign a tenancy lease for somewhere to live. She said this was a challenge and barrier for Malaysian students as they were often arriving with no where to stay because they were unable to sign leases in advance.

UQMSA has up to 550 members at any given time from a number of institutions around Brisbane. The association helps to connect this community and holds fun events as well as assisting with real world skills to help the students transition into work at the end of their study.

2018 marks the 15th year of operations for the group and Student One is proud to be a Diamond Sponsor to help the group continue its great work assisting students. Student One has also helped by providing a place for the group to gather for events.

UQMSA celebrated its welcoming event at Student One in January 2018, with a barbecue at the Wharf Street residence.




UQMSA also held a cooking event with its members at Student One.


Find out more about UQ Malaysian Students’ Association here.

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