How to style your Student One room for less than $50

Guess what? You can finally design your room how you like it without the restrictions of your parents. Boom. It is time to make yourself a space that feels truly yours. While the student budget may not always be kind, you’ll actually find you can easily decorate your room with minimal expenditure, and we’re going to show you how. Read on and watch the video below to learn how to style your Student One room for less than $50.

Big ticket, statement piece

We suggest you pick out one pricier piece that will stand out in your room. Choose wisely as this will likely be where the bulk of your budget goes.

Use this as the focal point and style the rest of your area around it. We selected a grey and overly fluffy rug, but you may like to choose something else. A piece of art or a funky lamp maybe?

Rugs are particularly good (especially the fluffy kind) as they act as a good way to bring added texture to a room. But be careful – if you overdo it you may end up with a space that feels cluttered and overwhelming.

If you do choose a rug it will result in optimum cozy levels, will give you somewhere to sit on the floor and will save your feet getting chilly on those very rare cold Brisbane mornings.

Fluffy rugRug – $19


Use mirrors to create space and light

Mirrors are not only a great way to check yourself out but they will also give your room added depth and space. While you already have a full-length mirror in your Student One room, you can definitely double up.

Not only will an extra mirror be handy for when you’re getting ready but it will also create the illusion of even more space. Bonus points if you place your mirror facing a window as it will brighten your room.

While we kept the mirror basic, if your budget allows you can definitely go more decorative.

MirrorMirror – $6.50


Incorporate pops of colour and shapes

Show off your personality with pops of your favourite colours and the use of different shapes. These accents are an ideal way to bring your room to life and make your Student One digs feel like home.

Fun cushions are a simple and affordable way to do this. Play with different shapes, sizes, patterns and colours, and use them to decorate your bed, study chair or anywhere really. They are the perfect combo of comfort and style.

Just remember when making your selections that you’ll want to complement the statement piece you’ve already picked out for your room, otherwise you may end up with a space that is too busy or that clashes.

Choosing a colourful storage hamper or laundry basket will also tie your room together and is a piece that gets lots of points for practicality.

Cushions on a bed

Cushions – $4 each


Storage hamperStorage hamper – $4.75


Bring some magic

Fairy lights are a cute way to make your room feel completely magical. They are also a super versatile and an eye-catching piece meaning you can change it up as much as you want when you get bored.

Some of our favourite fairy light hanging spots include framing your bed or mirror, hanging down your wall or draped across the top of your blinds.

Fairy lights around a bedLights – $4.99


Take advantage of items you already have

The easiest way to make this room decorating thing possible on a tight budget is to use items you already have. Bringing touches from home will also help you settle into your new place.

Hats, hair accessories, bags, sunglasses, jewellery and photos are all good ways to not only add a personal touch but to fill your space.

We suggest creating your own D.I.Y. mood or memory board using nothing but a wire frame and some wooden pegs (you could also thread your fairy lights through this). Use the wooden pegs to hang up photos and jewellery, loop your accessories through the frame and balance hats on the corners.

Where you place the frame is completely up to you. It looks great on the wall and just as good leaning against a surface. Just remember if you set it against the window you’ll need to move it every time you adjust your blinds.

You can also pop some personal items on your hamper for both storage and decoration.

DIY mood boardWire frame – $3.80

Wooden pegs – $2


TOTAL: $49.04

Watch along below to see how we put all these pieces together in a Student One room and then it’s time to hit the shops.