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Let the good times roll by telling your friends about the awesome living experience at Student One. Simply refer them online to live at Student One, and make sure your submit your referral BEFORE they book with us.

Refer your friend to book 50-52 weeks (350 nights+), and you earn $400 plus your friend gets rewarded with $200.

Refer your friend to book 24+ weeks (168+ nights), and you earn $200 plus your friend gets rewarded with $100.

Once your friend completes the application process, including signing the residential agreement and submitting the deposit, and they've checked in at Student One, we'll be in touch with you both to arrange your well-deserved cash gift card. It's that simple! Don't forget to review and agree to the terms and conditions.
Get started and refer your first friend by completing this form. And in case you wonder....there is absolutely no limit to how many friends you can refer. Give it a go!

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  • Terms & Conditions Successfully refer a friend to book 50-52 weeks (min. 350 nights) and get rewarded with $400 for yourself and $200 for your friend. Successfully refer a friend to book 24-49 weeks (min. 168 nights) and get rewarded with $200 for yourself and $100 for your friend. This offer is available to all current residents of Student One and for NEW referrals for NEW bookings only. It is valid for all room types across all Student One residences. FRIENDS MUST BE REFERRED BEFORE THEY BOOK WITH STUDENT ONE. The date stamp on this referral form must precede the date stamp on your friend's accommodation offer sent by Student One. The referred friend cannot be a current or former resident of Student One or already hold or have held an offer from Student One by the time they are referred. A lease takeover does not qualify as a NEW booking. This special offer is only available for individuals who apply directly with our staff at reception or through the Student One website. Bookings referred to Student One through education agents or schools are not eligible for a cash reward. The person entering into the agreement under this offer must remain the occupant under the lease for the full term of their agreement. If a lease is terminated early, the value of the awarded gift card is to be paid back to Student One. The date stamp on the referral form decides who is eligible for the referral award. Referred friends need to book within 3 months and provide proof of the referral in form of the confirmation email Student One sends after a referral form is submitted. Rewards are paid in form of a cash gift card that can be used for payment in any shop that accepts card payments. The card is not redeemable for cash and will be issued no sooner than 28 days after the referred friend has checked-in. As with all bookings at Student One your friend must be a student studying at a local University, College or School.

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<p>363 Adelaide Street<br />
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363 Adelaide Street
Brisbane, Queensland 4000