The best vegetarian eats in Brisbane City

Navigating the CBD’s restaurants and cafes to find vegetarian food can be difficult, but there’s plenty available for the city’s plant-eaters. Whether you dabble in meat-free Mondays, commit to no-meat May, or consider yourself a full-time vego, this list is your guide to Brisbane’s best meatless meals.


Govinda’s is a not-for-profit restaurant serving vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free meals, including Indian curries, salads and breads. The ‘all-you-can-eat feast meal’ is just $10 for students and includes rice, vegetable curry, dahl, koftas, pappadam, garden salad, halava, and home-made ginger and mint lemonade. You’ll find it on George Street.


VegeRama also opts for a plant-based menu and serves a similar mix of Indian and Asian dishes, like sweet and tangy tofu and mushroom stroganoff, from its Adelaide Street and Myer Centre stores. Head to the Adelaide Street store for all this plus vegetarian burgers, bakes and sweets.

My Poke

My Poke

Adelaide Street’s poke bar is serving up all the goods at the foot of Student One Wharf Street and while its raw fish salad is the star of the show, the vege bowls are just as good (if not better). Mix and match the salads as you please.


A popular lunch spot with city-goes, Thr1ve serves up bowls packed full of goodness. Vegetarian options include the Macro Bowl with marinated tofu, superfood slaw, pickled red cabbage, red quinoa and brown rice, sesame seeds and seaweed served with ginger and soy dressing. It’s in Post Office Square.

Bagel Boys

Bagel Boys has a heap of classic and filled vegetarian bagels. Keep it simple with cream cheese, butter or avocado, or fill it with feta and beetroot, or avocado, tomato, rocket and aioli. You’ll find the shop on Adelaide Street.

Felix for Goodness

This Burnette Lane establishment has a heap of delicious vegetarian eats on the menu including falafel, frittatas, chickpea pancakes, and more. We’d recommend heading there for breakfast or lunch and indulging in a coffee or smoothie while you’re at it.


Australian burger chain Grill’d has many meatless options, including its vegan cheeseburger, garden goodness (with veggie pattie, beetroot, tasty cheese, avocado, salad, relish and herbed mayo), field of dreams burger (mushies… yummm), and more! So you can get your burger, health and vege fix all at once. Find it on Eagle Street and in Wintergarden.

Raw Energy

‘Eat good, feel great’ is this Edward Street eatery’s slogan, and with all its fresh, raw, health foods, you’ll be doing just that. There’s a huge selection of both vegetarian and vegan options on the menu, marked with a V so you can easily narrow down your choices. Quick and easy wraps, sandwiches and salads are all on offer.

Nodo Donuts

Nodo Donuts

Nodo on Elizabeth Street has introduced a grab and go selection featuring a number of nourishing and restorative meals like black bean, falafel and pumpkin hummus bowls and bagels. They’re quick, easy, and there’s plenty without meat.

And we’d just like to remind you that the desserts on this list are totally vegetarian and 100% appropriate to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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