Short but sweet bike rides around Brisbane City

*Ring ring* coming through. Brisbane’s inner-city bike lanes are plentiful and with the river so close, the sights are too. Getting out on foot is great but with free wheels nearby, the city’s yours to see at speed. Book out a free bicycle at reception or jump on one of Beam’s new purple e-bikes to discover these short rides around the city and surrounding suburbs. And don’t forget to carry a face mask at all times. You won’t need to wear it while riding but when you stop, the mask has to be worn.

Wilson’s Outlook

6 minute ride

A stone’s throw, or a bike ride, away is this stunning riverside location popular for snapping great shots of the Story Bridge and Brisbane River. If it’s the views you’re chasing, aim for dusk to fulfill all of your sunset dreams. To get there head along Adelaide Street onto Boundary Street, and follow that to Ivory Lane. This will lead you to a bike path under the Story Bridge that will bring you back out onto Bowen Terrace. Wilson’s Outlook is straight ahead.

Brisbane City Botanic Gardens

8 minute ride
Brisbane City
A short cruise along the City Reach Boardwalk on Eagle Street Pier will take you to the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens – a heritage-listed botanic garden bordered by the Brisbane River, QUT’s Gardens Point Campus and Alice Street. The gardens themselves are bike friendly but you can pull up to enjoy river views, explore the local flora and fauna within the grounds or settle in for a picnic stop. While you’re there you can check out the world’s first commercially grown macadamia tree, which was planted in 1858 and still stands today.

South Bank Parklands

10 minute ride
River Quay South Bank Brisbane
If you head straight down Adelaide Street and across the Victoria Bridge you’ll land smack bang in the middle of Brisbane’s South Bank. Here you can park up and explore the South Bank Parklands or just ride along the waterfront for a killer sunrise or sunset. Head in on a Sunday and you’ll also be able to enjoy the free live music on the River Quay Green. You can find out all the details and the acts here.

New Farm Park

12 minute ride

Thanks to the Brisbane RiverWalk, New Farm Park is highly accessible for cyclists from the city. All you need to do is head down Adelaide Street and onto Boundary Street, which will connect you with the riverwalk. Follow that all the way down to Oxlade Drive and you’ll find yourself at New Farm Park in no time at all (or 12 minutes to be precise).

This ride is one of Brisbane’s most beautiful and is definitely worthwhile. Pack a backpack and set up a picnic when you’re there, have a pitstop and grab a drink at Brisbane Powerhouse or just take in all the ride has to offer.

Up and about on Saturday morning? Hop on your bike and head to New Farm Park to find the Jan Powers Farmers Markets, where you can do your weekly produce shop and snag an epic brekkie feed, you’ve earned it.

Captain Burke Park

13 minute ride

You know that cute little park under the Story Bridge at the other end of Kangaroo Point, which is just asking to be picnicked at? That’s this one, and you can ride there easily. Head down Adelaide Street towards the Story Bridge and follow the bike lane across the bridge. On the other side of the bridge you’ll find Deakin Street, which will take you around to Main Street. Captain Burke Park is at the end.

Kangaroo Point Cliffs Park

18 minute ride
Brisbane River
This ride encompasses the best of Brisbane City Botanic Gardens and a glimpse of South Bank too. Head along the City Reach Boardwalk, through the gardens and over the Goodwill Bridge. At the end of the bridge, turn left and follow the bike path along the river. When you get to the white cliffs – you’ve arrived. Park up and enjoy the river and city views or watch the pro climbers scale the Kangaroo Point Cliffs. Get there early enough and you’ll be able to snag a table and settle in for the night.

Orleigh Park West End

21 minute ride

Head over to Brisbane’s Orleigh Park to join locals picnicking, slacklining and fire twirling on the riverfront. To get there, head to North Quay and follow the bikeway to the Go Between Bridge. Go over the bridge and then follow Riverside Drive all the way down to Orleigh Park.

Check your Google Maps before you set off, remember your helmet and take plenty of water and snacks to keep you fuelled.