Best coffee spots near Student One in the Brisbane CBD

What is that haunting aroma? It’s your saviour, coffee. How else does one trawl through textbooks and journal articles for hours looking for a reference, or wake up for a lecture after a late night cramming for an exam? So you probably want to check out some of the sweet, sweet caffeine on offer at Student One’s doorstep. Here’s a wrap up of the best caffeinated beverage establishments in Brisbane’s CBD.


Just down the road on Adelaide Street is one of the city’s most loved cafes, serving delicious coffee that’s sure to give you the boost you need. The upstairs space is the perfect study nook while you sip away and the food on offer will keep you coming back for more (the chips are AMAZING).

Address: 258 Adelaide Street, Brisbane City

John Mills Himself

They say that while it’s difficult to find, it’s worth the search. And we have to agree. John Mills Himself often wins best coffee awards and you’ll know exactly why once you’ve tried and tested what the baristas are serving here. If you’re a chai fan, then the dirty chai is your go-to beverage. The beans are always changing so check what’s on offer before you place your order.

Address: 40 Charlotte Street, Brisbane City


If warm and cosy is your calling, then just add coffee and this venue is your number one choice. The underground bunker bar and cafe can be found in Little Burnett Lane for your morning, lunch and evening coffee fix.

Address: Burnett Lane, Brisbane City

Noosa Chocolate Factory

You’ll need to put your blinkers on when you head for coffee at Noosa Chocolate Factory because you’ll be lining up next to self-serve chocolate-covered everything. When you get to the counter and state your order, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the student-friendly prices for the caffeinated beverages on offer here. They also do hot chocolate well, naturally.

Address: 144 Adelaide Street, Brisbane City


A quick trip to Italy via Tattersall’s Arcade on Edward Street will have you feeling cultured and caffeinated in no time. This quaint cafe humbly delivers some of the best Italian coffee in town, complete with the pastries and baker’s delights you’d expect to be served by the city’s Italian baristas.

Address: Tattersall’s Arcade (entry via Edward Street), Brisbane City

Duce & Co

A delightful little cafe on Edward Street, just down from Central Station. Duce & Co has the cutest seating area in the city (visit and see for yourself). The coffee here is divine and the baristas will keep your loyalty card on the wall so you never have to worry about losing it. You can also #payitforward by shouting someone less fortunate a coffee here, how sweet is that?

Address: 271 Edward Street, Brisbane City


Straight across the road from Duce & Co is this hole-in-the-wall coffee haven. Ricochet uses West End’s Blackstar beans and they are to die for. They’ve also got Blackstar’s slow-drip iced coffees, which are the obvious go-to on a hot Queensland summer’s day. Mmmm.

Address: 276 Edward Street, Brisbane City

Pando Cafe

This cafe on Adelaide Street has loads of clean treats so you can enjoy your coffee with a muffin and have #noregrets. They use Toby’s Estate beans so it’s always good.

Address: 215 Adelaide Street, Brisbane City

The Coop

On Eagle Lane you’ll find locals lining up daily at a counter in a brick wall called The Coop. They’re lining up for a reason, the coffee is damn fine. Join in for your daily fix and take a stroll along Eagle Street Pier.

Address: Eagle Lane, Brisbane City

Pour Boy

There’s nothing poor about your decision to take your coffee at Student One’s neighbouring cafe. The coffee here is consistently delicious and it’s so damn close you’ve got no excuse not to venture out for this pick-me-up.

Address: 26 Wharf Street, Brisbane City

Coffee Anthology

Need to get out and stretch your legs? What better motivation than choosing a cafe at the other end of the city? Coffee Anthology on Margaret Street is a hit down that end of town and a sweet little spot to pull your laptop out to study on location. It’s worth the hike.

Address: 126 Margaret Street, Brisbane City


Blink and you’ll miss it. Up on George Street you’ll find a laneway with a sign that says ‘Bean’ – that’s where you turn off to find this underground, bunker-like cafe. It’s so warm and homely you’ll never want to leave, and the brews are good.

Address: 181 George Street, Brisbane City

June’s Cafe

This conveniently located coffee cart is right at the Student One Elizabeth Street front door. This coffee spot is the perfect place to grab a coffee on your way to class, or when you need a coffee boost mid-study.

Address: Elizabeth Arcade, Brisbane City