Liming around Brisbane: The best routes and how to stay safe

If you’ve been outside in the past six months, chances are you’ve seen or heard of the fluoro green and orange electric scooters flying around the city. Lime and Neuron scooters are the hottest way to get around Brisbane with ease, with the whole process controlled right from your smartphone.

Think Uber, but with scooters, and instead of a driver, you’re in control.

All you have to do is unlock it on your phone, pay for it via your digital wallet and scooter off to your destination. If you’re trying out these scooters for the first time, or want to brush up on your skills, here are all of our tips for getting around Brisbane and staying safe.

Lime Scooter

The basics

It’s pretty simple, if you are 16 years or older you can locate and unlock scooters around the city with an app – either Lime or Neuron. To get started:

  • Download the App. Sign up. Add payment method.
  • Locate a scooter via the app.
  • Scan the QR code to unlock.
  • It’ll set you back $1 to unlock the scooter and then you pay 30c per minute to scoot around.

Scooters VS CityCycle, Uber and Student One Bikes

To get from Student One Wharf Street to the Brisbane Square Library on a scooter it will cost $4.30. An Uber would be $7-8, CityCycle is free for trips under 30 minutes and Student One bikes are free from reception (for Student One residents).

CityCycle trips under 30 minutes are free, or for your best value for money you can get a casual pass for $2 for access for 24 hours, or pay a student membership with a monthly access fee of $3. If you aren’t after a pass or membership it will cost you $2 for between 31 and 60 minutes and then $5 for each additional 30 minutes. You must be 17 or older to join and are required by law to wear a helmet. On CityCycle bikes, every second bike provides a helmet for free, subject to availability.

Uber riders will be charged a $2 base fare, $0.55 booking fee and then $0.38 per minute plus $1.15 per km. Minimum trip cost is $7.50.

Student One residents can rent bikes free from Student One reception. You’ll need to bring your own helmet and return the bike keys to reception.

Where can you ride them?

Stick to the paths and keep left.

In Queensland, you can only ride scooters on paths. That means no roads or on-road bike lanes. So stick to the walking paths and you’ll be sweet. But watch out for areas that have “NO BICYCLE/SKATEBOARD” signs, you’ll need to avoid these spaces.

If you are on a path that has a bike and pedestrian lane, you’ll need to stick to the bicycle side.

Tips to avoid embarrassing accidents

Scooter rules are a lot like car rules – there are to be no additional passengers squeezed in, no texting and riding, and no boozy late-night scoots allowed.

  • Helmets are cool – Helmets are mandatory in Brisbane, just like riding a bike. If your scooter doesn’t have a helmet hanging from the handlebars, you’ll have to BYOH (bring your own helmet). Not only can a helmet save your life, but it’ll also save you from a hefty fine too. Scooter riders caught misbehaving can be fined $130.
  • Ridin’ solo – These scooters are designed for one person. Don’t risk losing your balance or hurting yourself and/or others.
  • Don’t text and ride – Tempting, we know, but save the #instagrams for when both your feet are on the ground. No Snapchat is worth that fine or the fall.
  • Check yourself before you wreck yourself – Do a pre-ride check each time you ride a scooter. You’ll want to check both brakes are working, your scooter has adequate charge, and the tyres are free from defects. If it doesn’t look safe, find another one. Odds are there will be one close by.
  • No boozy scoot sessions – Don’t risk it. You wouldn’t drink and drive, so don’t drink and ride, the same laws apply. Use your other ride-sharing options to get home safely.
  • Get those arms moving – Use your arms and hand signals to indicate if you are changing direction or turning. This will help keep you and pedestrians in the loop.
  • Note the speed limit – While your scooter may be able to reach up to 29km/h, you need to stay under 25km/h, which is the maximum legal speed for rideables.
  • Bring her home safely – The system relies on users returning their scooters when they are finished so the next person can conveniently enjoy them. You must park properly on the kerbside out of the way of pedestrian traffic. The official word from the Department of Transport and Main Roads is they must be parked in a ‘safe and responsible’ way, i.e. no rivers, please. Lime scooters must stay within the geofence, which is visualised on the Lime mobile app, and don’t park your scooter in areas that are blocked out in RED. You’ll get charged a fine or even have your account suspended if you park in red zones. For Neuron scooters to end your ride you’ll have to find a designated parking spot via the map on the scooter and then photograph your parked scooter to end the trip.

For more tips on how to ride the scooters check out this video from Lime.

Where to ride: The best routes

Howard Smith Wharves

This is Brisbane’s new hotspot for food and drinks under the Story Bridge. It’s super close to Student One Wharf Street and Adelaide Street, too.

Directions from Student One Wharf/Adelaide Street residences: Go right on Adelaide Street towards Boundary Street. Turn right on Boundary and follow this road all the way to the Howard Smith Wharves precinct. You’ll be there in a jiffy.

Student One Map

Directions from Student One Elizabeth Street residence: Take a right down Adelaide Street and then right run on to the City Reach Boardwalk from Eagle Street. Follow the beautiful path along the water until you reach Boundary Street, take a right and arrive at Howard Smith Wharves.

Student One Map

South Bank

South Bank is a hotspot for food, fun and picturesque views of Brisbane. You’ll find the famous Gelato Messina, the man-made beach for summer-time swims and the Queensland Art Gallery of Modern Art are just scooting distance away.

Directions from Student One Wharf and Adelaide Streets: Follow the path down Adelaide Street for about 1km, turn left on to George Street and then right across Victoria Bridge. Once you’ve crossed the bridge head left on to Stanley Street to find the path along the river towards Streets Beach.

South Bank Lime Scooters

Directions from Student One Elizabeth Street: Scoot left down Elizabeth Street, right on William Street and across the Victoria Bridge. Once you are over the bridge take a left on to Stanley Street.

South Bank Lime Scooters

West End

For coffee, brunch or farmers markets, West End is only 20 minutes away by scooter. Head straight down Adelaide Street on to Queen Street and across the Victoria Bridge. Saturday mornings check out the Davies Park Market on Montague Road.

Directions from Student One Wharf and Adelaide Streets: Grab your scooter near Student One and head towards South Bank via Adelaide Street. When you hit Albert Street turn left and then right on Queen Street. Head over the Victoria Bridge, stop for a quick snap of the river, straight on to Melbourne Street and continue to Boundary Street. Remember, follow the footpaths.

Student One Map

Directions from Student One Elizabeth Street residence: Find your scooter near Student One, take a left down Elizabeth Street, right on to William Street and then across Victoria Bridge. From the bridge keep straight along Melbourne Street and on to Boundary Street. Voila.

Student One Map

Kangaroo Point Cliffs Lookout

Pack a picnic in your backpack and scoot over the Story Bridge to the Kangaroo Point Cliffs park. Catch the sunset and snap a pic #StudentOne.

Directions from Student One Wharf and Adelaide Street residences: You’ll have to avoid taking your scooter on the ferry but crossing over the Story Bridge will give you great views of Brisbane before you hit Kangaroo Point. Pick up your nearest scooter and head down Adelaide Street towards the valley, turn left on to Queen Street and right on to Ann Street. Once you hit the intersection at All Hallows School and Birdees, turn right on to the Kemp Place/State Route 15 which is for pedestrians. This part goes for about 1.2km. Once you hit the end of the footpath at Main Street turn right and head down Thornton Street until you get to the boardwalk. Now pick your spot along the river.

Kangaroo Point Map

Getting to uni from Student One

Getting to class on time is easy when you can scoot to campus.

QUT Gardens Point

Directions from Student One Wharf and Adelaide Street residences: If you’re at QUT Gardens Point, grab a scooter near the Student One buildings and head towards the river via Wharf and Queen Street. Turn left on to the City Reach Boardwalk and continue along the boardwalk until you hit the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens – here you’ll want to head along Bunya Walk and right to Main Drive towards QUT.

Note: You can’t park a Lime scooter inside QUT Gardens Point grounds – check the map for no-parking zones. The Botanic Gardens are OK.


Directions from Student One Elizabeth Street residence: It’s easy to get to QUT Gardens Point from Student One Elizabeth Street and if you find a Lime scooter nearby, you’ll be there in a flash. Head left on Elizabeth Street and left on to George Street. Follow George Street all the way to QUT Gardens Point. Yep, it’s that easy. Remember not to park your scooter on QUT campus as it is not allowed.



Directions from Student One Wharf and Adelaide Street residences: Turn left down Adelaide Street and continue along the footpaths where you’ll turn right on to Roma Street and stay on Roma Street until you hit Herschel Street, go left here and arrive safely.

Langports Map

Directions from Student One Elizabeth Street residence: It’s never been easier to get to Langports from Student One and the new Elizabeth Street building is closer than ever. Take a left out of Student One and right on down George Street until you hit Herschel Street, swing left and you’re there.