13 podcasts to help get you through the new semester

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The popularity of podcasts is booming and with the semester looming we’ve rounded up a stack of podcasts that have come highly recommended, piqued our curiosity or are just straight up awesome. Whether you’re after motivation and inspiration, goal setting, wanting to learn something, or are just after some guilty pleasures to get you through your study break, there’s bound to be a podcast here to get you bingeing.

For motivation and inspiration

Going Through It

Not sure if you should quit or just keep going? For 15 episodes you’ll join journalist Ann Friedman through a series of conversations with names such as Rebecca Traister, Soledad O’Brien, Samin Nosrat and Hillary Clinton as she and her guests answer this question. With their combined wisdom and wealth of pivotal moments whether that be in their lives, careers or relationships you’re sure to find your own answer. With short and sharp episodes you’ll have to stop yourself binging them all in one go.

Seize the YAY

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Named after her life philosophy, Sarah Holloway, better known as Spoonful of Sarah, takes you through a series of interviews with some of the world’s most inspiring people. Her extensive interview list includes Michelle Battersby, Megan Gale, Danny Kennedy, Kayla Itsines and Daniel Flynn. While the interviewees change podcast to podcast the underlying theme stays the same – how do you find your “yay”?

School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

Lewis Howes guides you through inspiring stories from some pretty inspiring people. His guests cover a range of industries as he interviews business minds, athletes and celebrities. You’ll gain insight into their lives and how they got to this point of success. You’re sure to be inspired and may even learn something along the way. Recent topics include: Mindfulness vs. Happiness, Optimism is a Superpower and 7 Keys to Keep You Present in Your Life.


Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw are the brains behind the Keep it Cleaner fitness program and all round lifestyle movement. Already inspiring and motivating thousands around the world to live a happier and healthier life they are now taking the mic and spreading their knowledge even further. Described as ‘your weekly D&M on the stuff that matters’, with a combination of interviews and general chats they tackle big topics such as bullying and the impacts of social media, along with a sprinkle of all things health and fitness.

Hurry Slowly

Hurry Slowly will teach you to master the art of slowing down as a means to become more productive, creative, and resilient. Hosted by writer Jocelyn K. Glei, she interviews designers, researchers, entrepreneurs and everyone in between on pacing yourself to avoid burnout and to improve your productivity and creativity. The perfect podcast to get you through exam block.

The Psychology Podcast

The Psychology Podcast with Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman features a different guest every episode who will help give you a view into the mind, brain, behaviour and creativity of not only yourself but others and the world in which we live. Recent topics include The Quest for a Moral Life, Everyday Creativity and Ignite Your Character Strengths.

For Goal Setting

The Rise and Conquer Podcast

Hosted by Georgie Stevenson – Australian health influencer, The Rise and Conquer Podcast tackles mindset, habits, career, health, and relationships. Its target audience is women, however we’re sure that everyone can get something out of this info-packed podcast. Stevenson provides you with tools and steps to help you create and accomplish your goals.

For Learning Something

TED Talks Daily and TED Radio Hour

TED Talks are already famous so it’s no surprise that the TED Talks podcast editions are a huge success. They have two podcasts, depending on what you’re after. TED Talks Daily are quick thought provoking nuggets released every weekday from leading thinkers and doers on every subject imaginable – catering to all interests. If you’re wanting something a little longer and closer to the original TED Talk format, try TED Radio Hour. Based on existing TED Talks, host Guy Raz will lead you through fascinating ideas, astonishing inventions, fresh approaches to old problems and new ways to think and create.

Science Vs

The podcast that is blowing up opinions with nothing but science. Acting as your friendly fact checkers they take on fads, trends and opinions to sieve through what’s fact, what’s not, and what’s somewhere in between. Have your deep rooted opinions questioned as they tackle a wide range of topics from DNA tests to time travel to ghosts to influencers.

Guilty Pleasures


Your go-to source for all things pop culture. Hosted by journalists Zara Mcdonald and Michelle Andrews, their tag line reads “for smart women who love dumb stuff” but that doesn’t mean there aren’t countless Shameless men out there, too. With two episodes a week you’ll be able to get your Shameless hit on the regular. Their Monday episodes act as a weekly catch up on all the recent celebrity and pop culture news, and their Thursday episodes interview a range of Australian talent who either inspire, have an interesting story to tell, or both. If that wasn’t enough they also share their recommendations for other content you can consume – once you’ve made it through all these podcasts of course.

Casefile True Crime Podcast

Simply known as Casefiles, this one is for all you true crime lovers out there. With over 100 episodes you’ll have a lot of cases to catch up on. As Australia’s biggest Crime Podcast, the motto is ‘fact is scarier than fiction’. Letting the facts speak for themselves each episode details a harrowing story of criminal cases – both solved and cold.

Hamish and Andy

As one of Australia’s favourite comedic duos this pair has been creating laughs together for over 10 years. And the laughs continue with their newest venture – the Hamish and Andy Podcast. With a five-star podcast rating on Apple Podcasts and over 10,500 reviews these Aussie legends have clearly hit the comedy goldmine and will have you laughing with and at them in every episode.

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

Dax Shepard – actor, writer, director and podcast host – takes you through weekly interviews honing in on the messiness of being human. Exploring other people’s stories and simultaneously gaining insight into his own very famous life you’ll be guided through challenges and setbacks that have led to his interviewees growth. Many big name celebrities including actors, comedians, singers, directors, producers, authors and screenwriters have joined Dax in the armchair including Will Ferrell, Gwyneth Paltrow, Dr Phil and Lena Dunham. He also sits down with a range of experts in their respective industries such as doctors, lawyers, psychologists, chefs.