11 tasty eateries within 100 metres of Student One Elizabeth Street

The brand new Student One Elizabeth Street residence is perched in the centre of the Brisbane city action, and that includes an endless list of cafes, restaurants and hole-in-the-wall joints dishing up tasty creations long into the night. Here’s a glimpse at just some of the best foodie stops and flavours within 100 metres of the Student One Elizabeth Street front door.

Bubble tea for days

If you’re more of a bubble tea person than a coffee person, you’re in luck. Bubble tea is everywhere. Head into the Myer Centre, across the road, to get your dose at Tea Origin, Chatime, 7 Cup or Comebuy, or head 100 metres down the road to Gong Cha. That’s just a taste of your bubble tea options.

Your local noodle house

When you need a break from studying and only a big bowl of pho will do, AJ Vietnamese Noodle House is just around the corner. Not only is this hole-in-the-wall spot cheap, but it’s also mega-tasty. Expect to find all your favourites on the menu, from BBQ-pork wonton noodle soup to lemongrass chicken. It’s so good that sometimes there’s a queue to get in.

Speedy Korean staples

Craving some authentic Korean cuisine? Madtongsan II is a lively spot full of atmosphere and delicious food. Enjoy all your favourite Korean staples – from kimchi and pork pancakes to sizzling bibimbap and pan-fried tofu in oriental sauce on rice – plus so much more. The best part? It’s all waiting for you at the touch of a button.

Brisbane’s iconic pancake stop

Pancake Manor is a Brisbane institution and one of the city’s most famous late-night haunts. But you can drop in at any time of the day (anywhere from 8am into the wee hours of the morning) for a stack of fluffy pancakes or plate-sized crepes. If there’s a pancake you can imagine – sweet or savoury – Pancake Manor has it. They do also offer a regular menu with things like chips, nachos, burgers, steak and salads.

Doughnuts and doughnuts

Sweet, sweet Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. Need we say more?

Burgers in every flavour

Grill’d in Albert Street is your local burger stop. From a basic beef burger to pork belly, pineapple and avo burgers and moroccan lamb flavours, here you’ll be happy to know that all of your burger bases are covered. That includes vegan and vegetarian options, gluten free and paleo buns, and other tidbits on the menu like sliders (ie. mini burgers) and all sorts of chips – from potato to sweet potato and zucchini.

Vegetarian and vegan fixes

Don’t do meat? Head straight to Vege Rama for plant-based, wholesome dishes you’ll feel great about eating. Think curries, stir frys, fresh gourmet salads and lots of vege-filled takes on dishes like lasagne, frittata, pies, enchiladas and dosas. Like desert? They have that too.

A Taste of Singapore

Affordable and delicious Singaporean food that’s authentic and served with a smile. What more could you want? Little Singapore Up Town also has a reputation for dishing up its flavoursome offering nice and quickly too. Find a spot in the booth-style seating and settle in for a feast fit for a king.

Muchos Mexican

If Mexican food is what makes your heart skip a beat, you’re in luck. Dig in to all the tacos, enchiladas, burritos, arepas, nachos and antojitos (large snacks to share) at Comuna Cantina, tucked down a cute little laneway off Albert Street. And if you get there just to find that all the seats are taken, you’ve got backup: Guzman Y Gomez is just 80 meters away!

All things Italian

Pizza, pasta and plenty of fresh salads are on offer at Vapiano. Unlike a traditional restaurant, you order at the counter and get a buzzer, so you wait for your dish to be cooked right before your eyes (which is half the fun). Then join your friends at a table upstairs! You won’t be disappointed.

Coffee on tap

Every student needs coffee on tap. Let Starbucks come to the rescue! It’s literally across the road, ready to pour you a double espresso, soy cappuccino, icy-cold caramel frappuccino or however it is you prefer to your much-needed caffeine fix. There are many other coffee stops all around you too – early or late, you’ll never be left stranded.

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