University Open Days

University of Queensland (UQ) St Lucia Campus Open Day: 7 August (9am – 3pm)

Griffith University Open Day (Gold Coast, Nathan, South Bank): 24 July

Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Gardens Point Open Day: 31 July (9am -3pm)

Central Queensland University (CQU) Brisbane Campus Open Day: 11 August (3pm – 6pm)

Semester 2 is coming, and lots of open days from different universities and colleges will be taking place throughout Brisbane, so how do you decide which open days to go to? What factors should you consider when deciding?

First of all, although a lot of universities and colleges have open days, you should think about shortening the list as it will be impossible for you to visit every single one of them.

Confirm that the open days involve the subjects you want to study so you don’t waste your time

  • Next, look for data on the colleges through different channels. Most institutions will offer lots of statistics and charts to show their strengths, so make sure you do all your research
  • Read comments via online forums or guides published from reliable sources. A variety of comments from students probably reflects the positives and some downsides to each institution.
  • Try going to the site yourself if possible to get a feel for the actual environment instead of analyzing only based on second-hand information
  • Ask the institution for a private visit if you can not make it on the open day.


Find out where the universities and colleges are in relation to Brisbane’s City Centre. Is it a campus or a building? Think about whether their locations fit with what you want out of college life, as well as consider the potential issues related its location and whether transportation to and from will take longer.


Finding a place to stay is definitely one of most important things to do. You could be away from home for up to 4 years, so you want to make sure that:

  • You’re comfortable
  • You’re safe
  • You’re in an environment that allows you to focus on your studies
  • You’re close to your university or college
  • Public transport is easy and with high frequency to and from your place of study
  • You’re enjoying student life among other students.


At Student One on Adelaide Street, you are located in the centre of Brisbane City, staying in dedicated, purpose-built student accommodation. With a variety of studios and apartment types available for up to 687 student residents, our brand new residence is considered Brisbane’s Premium Student Accommodation.

Social life

Studying in Brisbane, you are guaranteed to make many friends. The problem is where to start?  Look for information about what kind of societies and unions the universities and colleges have and see if you are interested in any of them. Also, find out what kind of entertainment is nearby since you will probably spend lots of time hanging out with you buddies there.


Of course learning is the main reason you’re studying in Brisbane, so you will need a lot of resources at your fingertips. Check out the library to see how extensive the resources are, and whether there’s any space for you to read quietly? Also, check out how much technology you can get access to and if there’s a WiFi connection on campus.

Once you’re finished on campus for the day and arrive back at Student One, you will be confident in having access to high-speed internet and WiFi capability, as well as ample spaces for quiet individual or group study.


See what kind of public transport you can take too and from university or college. It’s also good to then calculate your possible public transport fares so you know how much you’re spending each week. A few journey per week over 3 years can really add up. If public transport isn’t available, which means you may need a bike or car, check where you can park it and the parking fee as well.

Student One on Adelaide Street is only minutes away from bus, rail and ferry public transport, which means you can easily commute from where you’re living to where you’re studying!


Attending open days is really important for you to get an understanding of the world of options available to you as a student, allowing you to better prioritise different factors and them rank them in order of importance.

Choose the right option based on your own preferences, with a little help from family and friends. University and college life will be a wonderful and memorable experience, so get ready to make the most of it!