Summer sports in Australia

For most Aussies, sport is a key ingredient of life. If we’re not playing sport, then we’re at a game watching one, or fixed to our screens cheering on our home team.

In the summertime, cricket is our number one sport. This year, we see our national team take on India, New Zealand and the West Indies in a series of Test matches, One Day Internationals and T20 matches, with a number of key matches being held in Brisbane at the famous Gabba Stadium.

For most of us though, we’re happy enough taking on our mates at a local park for a spot of cricket, a game of soccer, to throw a Frisbee or to simply kick a ball around.

The sun shines almost every day in Brisbane, so you’ll find thousands of people enjoying time with friends playing in the great outdoors at one of the many parks located throughout the city.

And for the football fanatics, there’s a huge fan base in Brisbane who follow the FA Cup, Copa America or Champions League, with matches beamed live to dozens of bars and clubs, so you won’t miss any of the action.

Where do I study?

There are so many factors to consider when choosing where to study and if you’re reading this article, chances are you might be thinking of studying in Brisbane, which is a very wise decision.

A number of the world’s top ranking agencies agree, with Brisbane being one of the global Top 20 student cities, offering world-class tertiary, vocational and short course programs to domestic and international students.

Brisbane’s sunny climate, relatively low cost of living, vibrant culture and safe, clean environment tick many of the boxes students use as their criteria in selecting a study location, but just as important is the decision students make when choosing where to live.

Most universities, institutes and course providers are located within 15 minutes of Brisbane’s city centre and easily accessed by public transport.

Student One is located in the heart of the city centre and only minutes from bus, train and ferry services taking you directly to your place of study.