12 reasons to make the move and study in Brisbane

We may be a little biased but we think Brisbane is a pretty great place to live.

Yes, the world has changed since COVID-19, and while studying online has its benefits, it can leave you feeling a little isolated and even a bit unmotivated. So we say ”Make the move to Brisbane and take control of your life.” You’ll be able to reconnect with your friends, meet new people and really feel like a student again.

Still need convincing? Check out some of the top reasons below.

Queensland weather

Do we even need to say any more? Queensland weather is glorious and they don’t call us the Sunshine State for nothing. The blue skies and sunny days put you in a good mood and the occasional storm wraps the city like a hug (with epic views from Student One, by the way).

Many of the Student One facilities are built for the Queensland weather including the Wharf Street pool, Elizabeth Street rooftop cinema and barbecue areas at all three properties.

Big city with a small city feel

Brisbane Sign

Moving away from home can be slightly daunting, but Brisbane’s small town feel makes it just that little bit easier. Part of Brisbane’s charm is that you’ll feel involved in a community and never truly alone. Not only will you join the city’s community but you’ll be part of the Student One family, giving you built-in friendships and support.

You also get the benefits of the city life – we’re talking about shopping, dining, activities and nightlife, just to name a few, but we’ll get to that later.

Easy access to uni

Students at UQ

University may be predominantly teaching online but campuses are still open and facilities such as the libraries and coffee shops on campus are still a great place to study, meet with friends or work on team tasks when you need a change of scenery.

All three Student One residences are within easy access to Brisbane universities and schools.

Lots of green spaces

Picnic at New Farm Park

Did someone say it’s time for a picnic (these are the best picnic spots by the way)? Brisbane has 2,100 parks so you’ll have plenty of choice when you’re looking to get some fresh air and open space.

The City Botanic Gardens, Roma Street Parklands, South Bank Parklands and New Farm Park are all in close distance of Student One.

Brunch scene

Let’s be real, Brisbane’s whole dining scene is great, whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, dinner or something in between. But if we had to focus on one then we definitely would pick brunch.

There isn’t anything quite like sitting at your favourite Brisbane cafe and chowing down on a rustic smashed avo on toast, a traditional eggs benedict or a pancake stack so high you can’t see over the top of it (OK not really but that would be fun).


Shopping at Queen Street Mall

We aren’t sure if you can actually shop until you drop but we think you should give it your best shot. Whether you want to splash some cash or are just in the mood to browse the Brisbane shops are ready and waiting for you.

All of our Student One residences are close to Queen Street Mall and you can easily access West End to get the best second hand shopping you could dream of. After some markets instead? Check out our list of the best food, fashion and handmade markets in Brisbane.

Meeting new people

It can be hard to meet people when you move to a new place. This is why we love our Student One community. If you have roommates they become instant besties, or you can attend our res life events like yoga classes, cooking courses or games nights to meet like minded people.

Hanging out on campus or getting involved in a hobby can also help you form these new bonds.

Arts and culture

Want to dive into some arts and culture? Brisbane has you covered. Start by visiting these 10 free art experiences you can do in Brisbane City and then these free comedy, events and entertainment around Brisbane.

Live music scene

Brisbane has a lot to offer when it comes to live music and the music scene just continues to grow. From small bars to big venues there are always gigs to attend. You can check out some of the best live music venues here.

Close to beaches

Gold Coast

Not only do we have our very own man-made beach at South Bank Parklands (in walking distance from all three Student One residences), but living in Brisbane will put you super close to both the Gold and Sunshine coasts. Day trips to the beach or a cheeky last minute vacay are always on the cards.

Learn new skills

Want to learn how to cook, dance, draw, do martial arts, play an instrument, speak a new language or all of the above? Brisbane offers a wide range of classes to help you pick up a new talent. Plus our res life calendar and talented students might teach you a few things, too.

Build your career

There is nowhere better to take steps towards building a career you love than in the city. Put yourself in a good position to add to your resume with work experience and internship opportunities everywhere you turn. Our res life events also provide chances to build on your skills and work towards your career goals.