How to make the most of Brisbane winter – where to go and what to do

With an average of 283 days of sunshine every single year, those of us lucky enough to live in Brisbane can’t really complain when the cooler weather comes knocking.

Brisbane winter is known for its mild temperatures and brilliant sunshine, making it pleasant during the day and jumper weather at night.

With that being said, sometimes it is nice to escape the chill, whether you stay indoors, throw on some layers and brace the outside world, or get your blood pumping to warm you up. Whichever you choose, the Brisbane activity scene has you covered.

Even if you’re stuck inside studying online, use Brisbane winter as your playground to explore, socialise and have fun.

And remember all of these activities still require you to stay safe and keep COVID-19 alert. Please enjoy these activities with COVID safety in mind and follow all rules and requirements outlined by the Queensland Government. If you are unsure of any of the restrictions, you may find the roadmap to easing restrictions resources useful.

Go for a hike

Lamington National Park

Winter is the perfect time to get outdoors. Brisbane summer makes for a steamy hike, so go in winter instead. You’ll start off feeling cool but as soon as you get your heart rate up you’ll be at the perfect temperature.

Just don’t forget to wear sunscreen and a hat, it may not feel as hot but the sun is still as strong.

Get moving with these hikes and walks in and around Brisbane.

Spot some whales

Brisbane whale watching, whale jumping out of the water

From June to October the waters surrounding the Brisbane area turn into a playground for the southern humpback whales as they migrate to and from Antarctica.

As an experience you don’t want to miss, book a tour and look on in awe as these gentle giants put on a show.

Hang out in a cosy bar

Brew Alleyway

Brisbane city’s laneways are packed full of cosy bars that will keep you feeling toasty this winter. Try these hidden bars in Brisbane’s CBD, which are all in walking distance of Student One.

Visit an art museum

The arts scene is strong in Brisbane and winter is the perfect excuse to see what it has to offer. Whether you want to get inside or make the most of the winter sun, these 10 free art experiences should be on your radar.

Go shopping

Shopping at Queen Street Mall

Indoor activities, like shopping, can feel like a must during winter and lucky for you Brisbane has a lot of shopping to offer. With the Queen Street Mall within walking distance from all three Student One residences, you really can shop hop to your heart’s content.

Have a hot beverage

Use a hot beverage to warm you up from the inside and take the edge off the chill. Try out these coffee spots or go for a hot chocolate or matcha from this list, all located close by to the Student One residences.

Catch up on your favourite movies and TV shows

Hole up in your room, visit one of the Student One cinema rooms or head to the movies to watch your favourite flicks and TV shows. Snacks, hoodies and a blanket are a must.

Challenge your friends at an arcade

Games, arcades and escape rooms are all great places to escape the cold. Head indoors and let your competitive side come out at these 10 fun games, arcades and escape rooms in Brisbane.

Rather stay put? Student One has you covered with games rooms available to all residents where you can play pool, ping pong or foosball. Or hire out one of the playstations free of charge from the Student One reception.

Pick strawberries

Winter means strawberry season. The only thing that beats a bowl of sweet, red strawberries is a bowl of sweet, red strawberries that YOU hand picked. Trust us – it will feel satisfying.

P.S. Pack your camera because the ‘gram pics will be aesthetic.

Don’t miss out on the Ekka

While the Ekka may be looking a little different in 2020, there are no excuses not to enjoy the week of fun it brings to Brisbane once a year.

From the famous strawberry sundaes to the dagwood dogs, the farm animals and the show bags, it is a good time all round.

This year the Ekka is bringing you these show day goodies in a different way. Check out the details here.

Hunt down the best winter eats

Bowl of Vietnamese pho

Soups, curries, noodles and everything hot. These are the winter eats (and drinks) you’ll want to make your way through this winter.

Also, just because the weather is cooler doesn’t mean you have to give up your favourite frozen treats either. Grab an ice cream, gelato or froyo at these places in Brisbane to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Take in the winter sunrises and sunsets

Sunset over Brisbane City and Story Bridge

Brisbane puts on a show when it comes to both sunrises and sunsets, but winter is when the views are truly spectacular. And you won’t want to miss the cotton candy skies bathing the city.

As the sun rises later and sets earlier your chances of catching both the sunrises and sunsets increase.

Not sure where to find the best vantage point? Try these 11 best sunrise and sunset views in and around Brisbane, which includes the epic viewing spots right at home at Student One. The Wharf Street Sky Lounge and the Elizabeth Street Rooftop will be magical, but don’t underestimate the view you can get from your Student One room.

Spend a day at the beach

Gold Coast

All that winter sunshine makes the beach the perfect place to relax all winter long. While the water may be too cold for some the sand will be toasty and if you do go for a dip the sun will dry you off and warm you up in no time.

Have a picnic

Picnic at New Farm Park

Brisbane weather is always picnic weather, no matter the time of year, but the winter weather makes your picnic feel that bit more pleasant.

The winter sun won’t have you running for shade and will keep you feeling warm, while you make your way through your picnic basket of treats or throw a frisbee around with your friends.

Not sure which picnic spot to choose, make your way through our selection of the best parks (and top secret spots) for a picnic.