11 desserts in Brisbane City you need to try today

Brisbane’s inner-city dessert scene is delectable. What was once a couple of old ice-cream shops and a bakery has been whisked into offerings of multi-storey cakes, waffle stacks and establishments dedicated entirely to baking the very best brownies. But don’t worry, there’s still ice-cream (and bakeries). We’ve found the city’s most delicious dessert foods for you to try, stat.

San Churro

What came first, the churro or the doughnut? To be honest we don’t really care. We’re just so glad we can eat sweet, sugar-covered, deep-fried dough in many shapes and forms. San Churro takes the long doughnut and serves it with fruit, ice-cream and chocolate dipping sauce – as if you weren’t already sold on the idea! Find this dessert on Charlotte Street.

Doughnut Time

Doughnut Time

If it’s between 00:00 and 23:59 and you’ve got a sweet tooth, it’s a good time for doughnuts. Unfortunately, Doughnut Time is only open daily from 10am so you’ll have to delay your cravings until then or order ahead if you know you’re going to want them. The city’s most decadent doughnuts feature mini jars of nutella, sprinkles galore, and cream and jam fillings to name a few options. Get them delivered by Uber Eats or pick your poison at the shop in King George Square Station.

Pancake Manor

Stacks on stacks. Pancake Manor is a Brisbane City institution, open 24 hours, seven days a week. Why? We have no idea, but it’s perfect for a midnight snack after cramming for exams. Get your waffle or pancake fix on Charlotte Street.

Noosa Chocolate Factory

Noosa Chocolate Factory

A whole factory of chocolate! Not quite, but there are two shops on Adelaide Street and a research store on Queen Street. Noosa Chocolate Factory makes its own chocolate covered nuts and fruit, as well as blocks and drinks (and the odd brownie, too). Its dark chocolate range is 100% vegan and its hot choccies are a must on a cold or wet day. Go crazy in the self-serve section and stock up with study snacks.

Chester Street Cake Shop

Chester Street Bakery

Epic, multi-storey rainbow cakes and decadent slices your thing? How about Nutella-filled cookies and self-saucing sticky date pudding? Yep, we thought so. Luckily, Chester Street Cake Shop has set up shop in King George Square station and is bringing the aforementioned goodies to the city’s people. The hardest decision will be choosing what to get!


We’re about froyo, and so is Nominom. The frozen dessert alternative measures up to be just about as good as ice-cream (who are we kidding?). But seriously, if it’s weird and healthy to you, you can just douse it in treats to make it exactly what you want – win, win! Find this self-serve froyo joint on Elizabeth Street.

Dello Mano

Dello Mano Brownies

Welcome to brownie territory, where the cakes are more moist and chocolatey than any other – just the way we like them. Dello Mano is all about these delicious bite-sized bonanzas, and it does a killer job at making the very best in town. Follow your nose to this sweet-tooth’s haven, down Tattersall Arcade in Queen Street Mall.

I heart Brownies

I heart brownies

These guys love brownies too, and we love them – actually, we heart them. The brownies here are all heart-shaped and come in the classic and more abstract flavours like jaffa, mint and maple pecan. There’s also a dairy-free option and everything is 100% gluten free, so it’s practically a vegetable. Find I heart Brownies on the ground floor at Wintergarden in Queen Street Mall.


Sweet mother of ice-cream! This frozen beverage is one of the city’s best and it’s loaded with all your favourite treats – from peanut butter fudge to caramel swirls and strawberry marshmallow. Make yourself a date with gelato and head over to Gelatissimo in Queen Street Mall.

Kiss the Berry

Less kissing, more devouring. Kiss the Berry’s specialty is blended-up acai with a bit of banana and assorted healthy goods, topped with anything from coconut yogurt, turmeric and pomegranate to popcorn and caramel – so, kind of healthy. It’s perfect for a tasty dessert or a late brekky on the way to class.

Le Bon Choix

The city’s favourite French patisserie can be found on Edward and Queen Streets (that’s right – there’s two!). Le Bonx Choix is in fact a good choice if you’re craving pastries, or maybe even a macaroon with your morning coffee. There’s also tarts and cakes and muffins, and the most delightful petit fours!

Bonus: The Jan Powers Farmers Market pops up in Reddacliff Place (top of Queen Street in front of the casino) every Wednesday. Drop in between 8am-6pm for the very best sweet n sour popcorn, juices, smoothies, bagels and more.

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