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What Our Residents Say About Us

You have done the tour – virtual or in real life and now you think “This looks too good to be true”….

Well, you don’t have to take our word for it. See here what our residents say about us:

Student One is a wonderful learning environment for both domestic and international students. I love the activities that Student One plans for us each week, its a great way to make new friends. The location is perfect if you're a city lover and it has great access to transport and further activities. I absolutely love living here and the staff are beautiful. It truly is the student life.
Situated in the heart of Brisbane City, Student One is an incredible place to live with easy access to universities, a great social and academic balance and a huge range of cultures so you can meet people from all over the world. Student One is involved in heaps of social events both within the building and throughout the city so you really get to experience Brisbane whilst completing your study.
Even before I arrived in Brisbane I had all the support from the staff. They were always willing to help me providing info and tips when necessary. After my arrival I was welcomed by a kind and helpful staff, which has being doing nothing more than working so that everything works out for me. I am going to live here as long as I am a student. Price is fair considering location, staff promtness, facilities and safety.
Student One is a great place to live! It's a brand new building which is located in the centre of Brisbane. Many places in the city are within walking distance. You'll meet cool people from all over the world. The staff is very friendly and always helpful. I really enjoyed my time at Student One!
Great place to meet people from different countries. I love the location because I just walk everywhere as it's literally 5 minutes from queens street mall. The rooms are really clean and the staff are helpful if anything is wrong. Moving to a new city, i have loved living here so far because I am always with friends.
As a local Aussie living here I love it! So many different room types, great common areas, the location is perfect and even walking distance to the valley which is perfect for us Aussie teens!! But besides the location the staff are great everything is clean and I now have friends all over the globe due to student one being the home to all different cultures!
I, honestly, do LOVE Student One. I get along with all the staff whom are really friendly and helpful (or I like to think so). This 14-levelled place is clean, and very convenient to everywhere in Brisbane, especially Universities like QUT (Gardens Point), Griffith University (Nathan), UQ (St Lucia) etc. I'm still amazed there's a bus stop outside the Student One building that has many buses that depart and arrive at. I couldn't have chosen a better place to live at then Student One. I love how there's a rubbish disposal room on every floor. The students here are all pretty friendly as well, but of course there are students who likes to keep to themselves, and we have to respect that. The only slight problem for some other people is may be that level 1 (which is the games/entertainment room) gets really noisy for residents on that particular floor, and the room is not sound proof. To get along with everyone including staff, just treat everyone with respect and you won't have any problem living here. - Suzanne, Current Resident of Student One
Amazing place to stay. Premium quality unit, with great comfort, peace
and safety. Happy with Elaine and Linux's exceptional customer service!
Xin Fu
I really enjoyed my stay at Student one, Even before I arrived in Brisbane I had all support from the staff. I shared my apartment people from Taiwan, China, South Korea and got a chance to interact with people from other part of the world at a single place.
I’ll never forget those days of experiencing of different cultures, making life long friends, and having my own space.
I've been living at Student One for almost half a year now and I've definitely enjoyed my time here so far! The staff are incredibly friendly and accommodating; they're always ready to help when there's a problem, or greet you with a smile as you enter the building. The rooms are clean, neat, and well-furnished, and shared spaces such as the media room and outdoor eating area are always very tidy! I would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for short or long-term accommodation as it's a very comfortable and enjoyable place to stay.
A começar pela hospitalidade exemplar, a estadia na Studente One na Adelaide Street é muito agradável, considero o lugar ideal para aqueles que desejam estar muito bem localizados, ótimos espaços comuns, destaco a cademia e churrasqueira, conectividade e ótima oportunidade para interação com outros estudantes.
United Kingdom
Student One is the perfect place to meet students from all over the world in a busy and vibrant Australian city!
The team, Location, contemporary, mates, cosmopolitan, second family, lively, BBQ, home comfort, spacious, friendly team, cinema room, joyful team, convivial, service-minded team, up-to-date convenience, many events
StudentOne is truly „premium” in every way! Living in this convenient and modern accommodation with friends from all over the world makes me feel home.
United Kingdom
Two cups of love, one pot of creativity, a schooner of bliss, one pint of banter, mixed together in a jug and served to students.
Student one feels like a new home base where students are set central which results in the best opportunity to enjoy your study in Brisbane.
I found really fascinating the numerous events the accommodation does for students to meet people and to explore the city
Te escribo en español para poder expresar abiertamente todo lo feliz que he estado con ustedes.

Quiero que sepas que este ha sido mi mejor estadía en Australia 🎉🎉🎉🎉Estoy muuuuuuy agradecida por este regalo tan especial

El próximo lunes 1 de agosto finaliza mi estadía aquí pero posiblemente me mueva el domingo, quisiera saber que debo hacer?

De verdad espero que se llene todo el Edificio es lo máximo✌🏻️
I loved the Student One. It's a great place, very clean, organized and the staff very helpful. It has a games room and a very good gym I use every day. In short, it looks like a five star hotel.
I am Wayne. I'm studying in Brisbane and I stayed in StudentOne with the King Studio accommodation. Each residence is architecturally designed with special consideration made to ensure spaces to relax, study, engage, shop, connect and play integrated throughout for all students to take advantage of. The receptionist was very friendly and also extremely helpful. The room was very comfortable in every way and it comes with fully furnished and air conditioned. For the most exciting is access to free bikes, a fully equipped Gym, a games room and media room during I stay. I love to stay here.
I got here without knowing much about anything here. StudentOne has not only provided me with an accommodation but has also provided me comfort, security and many others.
All in all, StudentOne is one that's not to be missed!
I like Student One because this place is impressed me & more than what I expected. In here I have more International friends & I like how I can connect with people by the trips together. In here everything is so new, good quality, good area and good view from my room. I also like how Student One try to keep people safe by have touch id and safe button in the kitchen. Another thing that I like for only one card I can access almost everything in this accommodation, I don't need to worry about carry a lot of keys around with me.
great friendly staff they know well the needs of the students
I'm Fabio, from Brazil. I'm studying in Brisbane.
Student One is very good and it's the best location in the city.
Student One is near all public transport such as bus, train, metro, all schools, markets, pharmacies, malls, restaurants, bars and pubs.
The room is very comfortable, the receptionists are very friendly, helpful and graceful.
There is a gym, free bikes, games room and much more.
Student One is the best accommodation in Brisbane.
Lillian Yiran Li
That's a excellent apartment. Every one are cheerful , the reception staff give me lots of help! The apartment have a lot of activities that you can join. For me, I just take 15-20 mins to UQ by bus. It's convience to myer center and david jones which is close to us. If you like to going to supermarket that coles and woolies near us too.
So, if you come to Brisbane and don' know where do you live, come to Student One, which is a great choice and you will love there!


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