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FAQs for Parents

What do you offer?

We offer residents fully furnished and air-conditioned accommodation in a range of studio types and 5 bedroom share apartments.

Residents will have the opportunity to live in the heart of Brisbane’s city centre, enjoying access to free high-speed wired and wireless internet , premium room finishes and facilities, communal kitchens and BBQ areas, gaming and entertainment areas, a 24hr customer service team and high-level security features.

How can we schedule a tour of a Student One’s residences?

Tours of the residences can be arranged through one of our staff members. Tours for the public will be available from May 2016.

How do we make a booking?

Bookings can be made directly through our website at or through your education student agency.

What rates do you have?

Our rates vary depending on the type of living solution your son or daughter is seeking. To see our most up-to-date rates and room availability, visit the page.

Are water, gas and electricity included in the rent?

Yes, all utilities including water, gas, electricity and internet are included in the weekly rental payment.

How often is rent paid?

Rent is paid fortnightly in advance. With the exception of a 4-week contract where full payment is taken prior to a resident’s arrival.

Can I pay rent on behalf of my son or daughter?

Yes, to secure a place within one of the Student One residences, a two week rent in advance payment can be paid via your MasterCard and Visa. Ongoing rent can also be paid from your bank account as long as it is from an Australian bank account.

Are the prices shown, per person or per apartment?

Prices shown are per person, per week for all apartments.

Does my son or daughter need to pay a bond?

Yes, all residents will be required to pay a bond which will be forwarded to the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA). This is used as a security payment in the event of any damage, rental arrears or necessary cleaning to the property is required upon your son or daughter’s departure. If the apartment is left in an acceptable condition and all rent is paid up to date, then the bond will be returned in full.

Can my son or daughter stay with you for less than six months?

Yes, we offer Brisbane’s most flexible living solutions, so we can tailor the contract length to as little as four weeks.

Can my son or daughter stay with you for longer than 12 months?

Yes, before their current contract has ended, they will be offered the opportunity to extend their stay.

Do you accept under 18s?

Yes, all our employees have Queensland Government Blue Card certification, a background check that allows us to work with persons aged under 18 years. All we ask is that residents under 18 years be required to have a parent or guardian as a guarantor on their residential agreement. You are not required to stay with your son or daughter.

If my son or daughter has a medical condition and uses a wheelchair do you have accessible rooms?

We have wheelchair accessible rooms that can accommodate your son or daughter if they require a wheelchair.

If I’m coming to Brisbane can I stay at Student One?

Residents are permitted to have visitors; however, they must inform management at reception. In the event that they have any room-mates, they must seek the permission of all room-mates. If all room-mates are not happy to have a visitor, then the visitor will need to make other arrangements.

We encourage all parents to spend as much time as they can with their son or daughter while in Brisbane, but many of our individual rooms are not designed to accommodate multiple people. We will be happy to recommend a range of high quality hotels in close proximity to Student One.

What if my son or daughter does not arrive into Brisbane until late at night?

At Student One we provide a 24-hour customer service team, giving your son or daughter access to our reception and support at all times, ensuring their safety and access.

Do you arrange airport pick-ups?

Is there a prayer room for residents?

No, there is not a dedicated prayer room provided for your son or daughter, however we can provide information on the closest places of worship.

Will there be any events where my son or daughter can meet people

Student One will have activities coordinators who will organise multiple events throughout the year, including city tours, balls, theme park visits, cultural tours, sporting events etc.

Are meals cooked for my son or daughter?

No, each apartment is fitted with kitchen facilities to allow your son or daughter to cook for themselves and to their own schedule and culinary needs. There are no catered options available.

What address do I use to send items to my son or daughter?

“Full name”

Room Number (if known)

c/- Student One

363 Adelaide St




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