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FAQs for Agents

How can I schedule a visit to Student One’s premises?

Agent visits to the premises can be arranged through our staff members. Tours for the public will be available from May 2016. To make arrangements please call +617 3085 3050 or email us at [email protected]

What do you offer to students?

Student One offers all students the opportunity to live in the heart of the Brisbane’s city centre, enjoying access to free high-speed wired and wireless internet, premium rooms and facilities, premium service with a 24hr reception and premium security features. We have self-maintained accommodation ranging from various studio types to 5 bedroom apartments.

How many beds do you have?

In July 2016 our new Adelaide St property will have 687 beds available for rental across the various accommodation types.

What types of rooms do you have?

Our room types include single, twin, king and executive studios, and 5-bedroom apartments.

What rates do you have?

Our current rates are published on our website and are updated frequently. For the latest promotional room rates and special offers, visit

How do we make a booking for a student?

How is commission paid after we refer/book students into Student One?

Unlike most accommodation providers, Student One guarantees agents a generous commission, which is payable one month following the commencement of a student’s contract – not at the end of the contract period.

This method of commission payment is designed to remove the need for complicated and confusing arrangements with agents, ensuring absolute clarity in what commission an agent can achieve when referring or booking a student with Student One.

What happens if an agent starts a booking/enquiry and the student contacts Student One directly?

Unfortunately, we cannot control how a student makes their booking. If a booking is made by the student directly through the Student One website, then there is no commission payable to any agent that may have influenced a student’s decision. If a timing of the referral can be proven to be prior to the student’s application, then Student One may review this decision.

We will work with agents to understand the nature of any dispute and ways in which these disputes can be avoided.

Can we negotiate rates for students?

Student One offers a range of competitive room rates as well as the flexibility to choose short-term contracts for students undertaking short course studies.

In circumstances where an agent wishes to book multiple rooms for specific contract periods, Student One will be open to negotiating rates and/or an alternative commission structure. This will be negotiated individually with each agent.

Can you accommodate students from any Institution, College or University?

Student One has relationships with all tertiary education providers located in Brisbane and its surrounds so we are able to accommodate any of their students currently enrolled or looking to enrol in the near future.

Do you offer short-term contracts?

Student One offers Brisbane’s most flexible living solutions so we are happy to tailor a students’ contract length to their needs, with the minimum contract period being 4 weeks.

Is internet available at Student One?

Free high speed wired and wireless internet is available throughout all Student One properties for all residents to use.

Are water, gas and electricity included in the rent?

Yes, all utilities including water, gas, electricity and internet are included in a student’s weekly rental payment

Are the prices shown, per person or per apartment?

Prices shown are per person, per week for all apartments. The only exception being for the Studio – Executive and Studio – King type rooms where the rate quoted is for one or two persons

How often is rent paid?

Rent is paid fortnightly in advance. With the exception of a 4-week contract where full payment is taken prior to a student’s arrival.

Will the price of rent increase?

A student’s rent will not increase for the term of their contract however, all pricing is assessed on an annual basis.

Does the student need to pay a bond?

Yes, all students will be required to pay a bond which we forward to the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA). This is used as a security payment in the event of any damage, rental arrears or if necessary cleaning to the property is required upon a students’ departure. If the apartment is left in an acceptable condition and all rent is paid up to date, then the bond will be returned in full.

If an agent makes the booking, who will be responsible for the student in the event an incident occurs either at or outside Student One’s premises?

Student One holds all necessary insurances required by law to operate and accommodate students.

We do recommend that students have their own insurances in place to assist in an emergency situation. For international students, it is expected as part of their visa conditions that they hold necessary insurance covering them in the event of an incident during the course of their stay in Australia.

At all times, the 24-hour customer service team will be on hand to assist and support a student in the event of an incident, working to ensure they receive the highest quality care. In the event of a serious incident, Student One will notify the students’ next of kin, agent and relevant education facility when authority to do so has been granted.

What happens if a student damages or breaks something?

Students will be required to pay for the repair or replacement of any item or property that they damage. They will be given notice of this charge and it will be charged to their account. In the event items are damaged when the student moves out, the cost of repair/replacement will be deducted from the bond payment. If this amount exceeds the amount taken as bond, the student will be required to pay any outstanding fees. If there is damage caused by multiple students, then the cost to fix the damage will be divided between those involved.

Are their residency rules that apply?

Yes, this will be provided to all students during the offer process. All students are required to adhere to the rules of Student One while residing at the premises.

If the student pays the deposit and their visa is denied, is there any refund?

Student One management will review each circumstance individually in order to determine the most appropriate outcome. If the agreement is yet to commence then all rent in advance payments will be refunded.

What Credit Card Payments do you accept?

We accept MasterCard and Visa

Can a student stay longer than 12 months?

Yes, before their current contract has ended, they will be offered the opportunity to extend their stay. No commissions are payable on contract extensions.

Can a student stay with Student One for less than six months?

Yes, we offer Brisbane’s most flexible living solutions, so we can tailor the contract length to as little as four weeks.

Do you accept student under 18 years of age?

Yes, all our employees have Queensland Government Blue Card certification, a background check that allows us to work with persons aged under 18 years. Parents are not required or able to stay with the student.

Do you accept students holding Working Holiday Visa? (even if they can prove they are studying).

Yes, we welcome all students, as long as they can provide proof that they are studying at a tertiary institution.

Is it possible for a group of 3 or 4 friends to book a 5 bed apartment together, or do they need to find someone to complete the room?

Yes, we are happy to accommodate groups of students that wish to live together and we will find other students to fill the last bedrooms within the apartment.

Can a student choose who they live with?

Can a student live with their partner?

Yes, Student One welcomes couples. Please take the time to look at our room’s page to book a Studio – Executive or Studio – King, which can be configured to accommodate couples.

Can a student check in after the agreement start date?

Yes, however the student’s rent commences from the date of their tenancy agreement, whether or not they have checked in.

If the student doesn’t like the property what is the refund process?

All students are bound by a Residential Tenancies Agreement which they sign when confirming their booking. Student One will endeavour to work out any issues students may have within the guidelines set out by the Agreement.

If a student wants to host a visitor, can they stay at Student One?

Students are permitted to have visitors for up to 48 hours, however they must inform management at reception. In the event that they have any room mates, they must seek the permission and agreement of all room-mates. In the event that all room-mates are not happy to have a visitor then the visitor will have to make other arrangements.

If a student has a medical condition and use a wheelchair do you have accessible rooms?

Yes, we have wheelchair accessible rooms that can accommodate students who require a wheelchair.

If a student is delayed and arrival details change how can we inform you?

What if the student arrives late at night?

Student One provides a 24-hour customer service team, giving students access to our reception and support at all times.

Do you arrange airport pick-ups?

Is there a prayer room for students?

No, there is not a dedicated prayer room provided for students, however we can provide information on the closest places of worship.

Are pets allowed?

No, for health and safety reasons no animals excluding guide, hearing or assistance dogs are permitted on the premises.

Is there a catered option at Student One?

Each apartment is fitted with kitchen facilities to allow students to cook for themselves and to their own schedule. There are no catered options available.

Will there be any social events?

Student One has activity coordinators who will organise multiple events throughout the year, including city tours, balls, theme park visits, cultural tours, sporting events etc.

What does a student need to bring with them?

Clothing, bedding and other personal items they wish to bring, however no storage of items is available outside of the students living area.

Student One has bedding, kitchen and the essentials starter packs available for purchase, so there’s no need to bring anything large.

A list of what is included in rooms is detailed on the website

What is the postal address?

“Student Name”

Student One

363 Adelaide St



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