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One focus

At Student One, we are who we say we are.

Being privately owned and operated, we have one cohesive and holistic approach. We take full control of every aspect of our projects, meaning we can focus on the thing that matters most – the students.

Our approach allows us to be efficient, innovative and flexible. We create places that provide residents with the best possible facilities, making study easier and shaping a community that will foster friendships and experiences to cherish and remember long into the future.

At Student One, we know that the student experience starts well before arrival in a new country or city. Our staff, many of whom have been undergraduates themselves, are here to assist residents through the various stages of their journey, preparing them for life in Brisbane and Queensland prior to arrival by plane, train, car or bike.

Students will seek greater independence as they find their feet in Brisbane, and our team will be there to help them make the most of this wonderful city, via the coordination of social events and activities. Our residents are ‘experience collectors’, and at Student One we work to ensure that a healthy balance of events are coordinated via our staff and local partners. Whether it’s cooking classes, barista courses, local excursions, sporting occasions or guidance from academic tutors – Student One will be on hand to guide the perfect experience.

Our staff also work closely with the City of Brisbane and all of the Universities, English Language Schools, Institutes and Colleges, to ensure our residents remain connected and engaged with each other and their tertiary providers while living at Student One.

By focusing solely on the needs of the students, our flexible and holistic approach delivers a premium living experience. So whatever question you have about student living in Brisbane, the answer always adds up to One – Student One.


Community, convenience, connectivity, fun, friendship, safety; when you sum up everything you’re looking for in your student life, it all adds up to one. Student One.



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